The Selkie Connection

The Selkie Connection
Photographic collection by
Christian Vizl

Is a series of photographs of women that establish some kind of communication or connection with marine animals. With this collection, I seek to transmit the importance of the bonding we establish as human beings with all the other living creatures to with whom we share this planet.

The selkies are marine creatures of Irish and Scottish mythology. They inhabit the deep sea but have the ability to come to earth and become human by taking off his sealskin so they can live together and connect with other human beings. Almost all female forms take on great beauty and some even marry with men. I am fascinated by the idea of these women living in the deep sea, but having something in them that drives them to seek a harmonious and loving connection with other beings entirely different from them.

Throughout the history of mankind, humans have tried to dominate and control the environment, creating a gulf between us and other life forms around us, destroying or keeping them in captivity, only to use them to our advantage.

Fortunately we are beginning to realize that this road has been a mistake, today we begin to have more awareness of the importance of the interconnectedness of all living things. Each day we realize more clearly that by destroying other life forms we are destroying ourselves. Today we are awakening to the reality that our very survival goes hand in hand to the survival of other species with whom we share this planet.

But beyond the issue of our survival is the issue of how we experience our life and how we celebrate it. And our experience of life is intrinsically linked to how we communicate and “connect” with everything around us, especially with all life around us.

This is how The Selkie Connection seeks to explore this unlikely, yet powerful, mysterious and profound bonding that there may be between us and marine animals. It seeks to generate awareness of the importance of creating harmony and communication links between all living things. Trying to make clear the way this generates beauty in each one of us, bringing the spirit to its purest and refined expression, love.

For me, the selkie represents love for the sea, animals, and all nature. It’s a natural bond with the oceans and all the creatures that live on it. An ability to adapt to living in harmony with other life forms, a balance between the known and the unknown…

The woman represents the most subtle, sensitive and aware part of human beings, who understand the importance of this spiritual, mystical and sacred connection with life, but yet so fragile and delicate.

And marine animals represent our origin, the purity of spirit, perpetual harmony, and balance of nature.

Personal project